Paprika Sweet

Paprika Sweet

Spanish spices

Los Novios Spanish Sweet Paprika. Natural product directly originating from round peppers (pimiento de bola)or capsicum annuum, typically found in Murcia. When it has matured and after a natural drying process, the grinding and the milling, we have a powdered product of great quality. Our customers very much value its sweet and mild taste and intense red colour.

Available in:

  • 12gm
  • 250gm
  • 1kg
  • 11.5kg

About the brand:

Lopez Matencio is a family firm specializing in the production of paprika, the importation of spices from all over the world and the production of condiments and seasonings. They have been “creating sensations since 1918.” The process begins at the point of origin of the raw materials. Lopez Matencio collaborates with local farmers in the selection of the best yield, allowing it to reach the production line in optimum condition for processing and packaging.

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